Founded by Patti Stanger, Millionaire’s club is the most luxurious millionaire darting website in the world. The members base is not as wide as a millionaire match but the class of users is the finest because every profile undergoes a rigorous procedure. The website proclaims that they have a 99 percent rate of millionaires. If cash is not objected and you are willing to spend a few of its meeting the ideal partner, this website is for you.

How does it work?
Presently Millionaire’s Club has about 30k women on file. They receive apps from new females each day due to the Brave TV show. Though, the website has in intensive acceptance plan. Men/women who are not Millionaires are heavily screened as well as scrutinized before they are accepted to the club.

And they just admit five new male users into their service each month in each city, which allows them to offer these users with an optimal level of customized service. If you’re a rich, they’ll complete your initial individual consolation either on the mobile or in person.

In your consultation, they’ll go over what it’s you’re looking for in a mate, and what kind of women you’re attracted to. Then, they’ll show you the range of women they’ve on file. If you live outdoor of one of the metro places they serve, you’ll have to visit the site to view the ladies who’re avail in your place. It is said Millionaires have a very high success rate of 99 percent on this place. That is nearly 4 out of 5 men get into a relationship with the service.


  • As a standard user, you’ll be capable to do nothing until there’s a match.
  • Members from Canada or US will be accepted.
  • Patti’s instructions of dating and steps to huge success.
  • Date coaching sitting with the dating coach.
  • Picture consulting sitting with the picture consultant
  • Relationship analysis with Patti Stanger.
  • Hypnotherapy meeting with the hypnotherapist.
  • Patti Stanger will individually match and initiate you to the like of your life.
  • Add-ons: Priority Status, Patti Stanger and individual Search add-on.


  • Six months membership for $25k
  • One year bronze months membership $45K
  • One year silver membership for $65K
  • One year gold membership for $85K
  • One year platinum membership for $100K


  • Extremely reliable security
  • Smooth features
  • A very success rate more than any other dating website
  • Relationship analysis


  • Extremely expensive
  • Only for highly rich persons
  • Very much diff sites from another dating site

Final verdict

The website honestly is not bad if it were not for the staggering membership cost. The cheapest choice is even superior to the many US. citizens’ salaries. On another hand, it makes a very exclusive dating website, ideal for those who love the plan of anything exclusive. On the other side, most Sugar Daddies are not capable to afford these lofty subscription fees, which essentially makes the website useless for them.