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Happy Matches is the top leader in the sugar daddy dating and relationship sites. The site allows you to find tons of wealthy males or also recognize as sugar daddy who has a bunch of money to pamper, spoil and support you on having a lavish relationship and date. is simply to use and navigate. When you first join the Happy Matches you become a free member. A free member lets you create your account and add up to limited images and then search for a sugar daddy, sugar baby or sugar mamas.

Happy Matches does have a paid membership, which is gold members. The charges to be a gold user is 144 USD to be certified sugar daddy you’ve to have your individual details verified, which is your occupation, age, income, and an image has to be sent into Happy Matches, then verified.

The site is simple to use and extremely efficient. The web designers have placed many attractive, rich men on the website home page to entice sugar babies. First time members to the website will have no issue signing-up and scrolling via the pages.


  • $50 for One month
  • $90 for Three Months
  • $144 good for Six Months

Membership fee maybe has changed, for the latest price please visit at


  • Live Chat permits real-time interaction among Sponsors and Dates to get to recognize each other superior and build legitimacy
  • Lucidity (and suggestion of potential matches) based on the sort of dating relationship a Sponsor/Date is seeming for and their expectations
  • Several levels of Sponsor Badges permits Dates to prioritize communication with Sponsors of superior monetary status and upper spending power
  • Confirmation of ID of Sponsors/Dates via individual details or docs, and confirmation of spending control of Sponsors via bank info
  • State of the art app and web portal delivering actual-Time interaction, most favorable performance, and intuitive user-friendly web design

Pros and Cons

Probably the biggest benefit of is that this is among the best online site for sugar dating and relationship right now. You can simply use parameters. You do not have wait for a rich guy to move toward you out of the blue and instead, you can make the initial step. Just get a quick look at the account and strike a fine conversation.

The single downside is that there might remain to be instances that false profiles manage to find their way to the website. That means you’ve to very careful to keep away from these shams at all cost.

Final Verdict

There’re lots of sugar daddies, sugar mamas and sugar babies who managed to find their ideal relationship with the help of This only goes to say that you too can have the option to find your life partner on if you only care to offer it a try.